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Polyglot Cubed, a multilingual game design for foreign language practice

Games Center

As games have taken hold as a major force in contemporary culture, increased attention has been paid to their ability to not only entertain, but solve a variety of problems. Games solutions have been proven useful  for an array of problems ranging from changing consumer behavior to equalizing the educational divide.  Students studying games at Miami University learn about the wide uses of games and develop a liberal arts understanding of game design, development and critical studies.

The AIMS Games Center supports this challenge of developing the 21st century game student through a variety of unique experiences.  The center features faculty and resources from four divisions of Miami University: the School of Creative Arts; School of Education; Health, and Society; the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; the College of Arts and Sciences.

We address the interdisciplinary field of games and learning in several forms, including:

  • Investigating the utility of games within schools, afterschool programs, and other designed curricula
  • Leveraging games and game design to foster entertaining learning experiences
  • Studying and designing games that effect the way people perceive the world around them
  • Analyzing commercial games as tools for educational and social critique
  • Designing games for specific learning goals and educational content

The focus of the Games and Learning Center is to broadly analyze and design games in their many forms.  From social impact board games to blockbuster titles, the Games and Learning Center aims to vigorously pursue an understanding of this evolving medium.

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