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AIMS facilities are spread across campus as both a symbolic statement of our role as a partner with all of the divisions of campus as well as providing easy access from many locations. Each AIMS Lab has a different emphasis and hardware configuration.

Game Classroom/Lab
Room 27 King

  • Shared with ULB
  • This classroom/lab is used for our IMS 201 and Game classes. It has 25 dual boot iMac workstations with dual monitors and two screens with a 3D-capable projector.
  • More detailed information about 27 King

Usability Lab
Rooms 29 & 30 King

Game Lab
Room 006 Benton

  • Owned by CCE
  • This Lab has PCs with 20 seats for Unity Pro. The lab is used for courses in Computer Science and IMS.

Games and Learning Lab
128 McGuffey

  • Owned by EHS
  • This is a research lab, student workspace, and seminar space for faculty and students in the area of Games and Learning.

Armstrong Videoconferencing Classroom
Room 9 Benton

  • Shared with CSA
  • This classroom is used for distance-based interaction with clients, guest lecturers, faculty, and students. The room has a multi-camera, multi-screen tandberg videoconferencing system that allows the entire classroom to participate. It also had dual projection on the front and back of the room and business-style furnishings for a professional sense.
  • More detailed information about Room 9 Benton

Digital Design Classroom/Lab
Room 200 Hiestand

Huge Immersive Virtual Environment (HIVE)
Phillips Hall

Motion Capture Lab
Phillips Hall

Rapid Prototyping Lab
Room 54 Engineering

  • Shared with MME
  • This lab has a number of different pieces of hardware used for rapid prototyping and 3D exploration. The room contains a 3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Laser Cutter, Plasma Cutter, and Prototyping MillHiestand Hall: Classroom/Lab (Shared with MDC and SFA)
  • More detailed information about Room 54 Engineering

AIMS Administration Offices
Room 203 Laws Hall

  • This is the administrative headquarters for AIMS.

Armstrong 3D Visualization Classroom
Room 2040 Farmer School of Business

AIMS Videoconference and Meetings Room
3061 Farmer School of Business

  • Coming in 2010, specific date unknown.

John Smale Visualization Center
Laws Hall

  • Wing of Laws Hall with suite of 3D and visualization tools including an immersive virtual reality cube (CAVE-like system), hologram wall, immersa-desk, portable 3D projection system, and more. This space will also house classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces. Coming in January 2011
  • More detailed information about the John Smale Visualization Center