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AI Practicum (IMS 440)

Fall 2014 AI Practicum Sections

(A) W,F: 10:00am-11:20am

(B) W,F: 11:30am-12:50pm

What is Armstrong Interactive?

Armstrong Interactive (AI), is a client-based consulting experience, offered as IMS 440. AI contracts with corporate and non-profit clients to develop digital solutions to their operational problems.

For more about the AI Practicum, see our web video for potential clients in the left column.

Over the course of one semester, a team of students, from disciplines as diverse as marketing, computer science, graphic design, communication, technical writing, management, and more, work with the client charge to develop a “live” solution to the client’s problem. This course is team taught by AIMS faculty and led by a student project manager. A condition of working with AI is that the solution actually is going to be used. Past AI projects have included:

AI has worked with clients and audiences in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In fact, this course is offered every summer in an international setting, most recently Shanghai and Dublin. A recent client wrote “This class has met and exceeded all my expectations for ‘redefining’ our corporate image. I would put the work your class produced for us up against any agency and know you would equal and probably surpass many.” References from all the above projects can be provided on request. They will echo this sentiment.

Students who have taken this course, almost always reference it as the highlight of their undergraduate experience. Where else are they going to be challenged by real deadlines, changing scope, and impossible goals? This class helps the students take everything they have learned in the abstract and typically, on their own, and apply it as part of a team.

For students interested in taking the course, we also have prepared a YouTube video that specifically discusses the benefits of taking the class. You can find it here.

Students competitively apply to get into this class and the project teams are kept relatively small.

  • Students: Application to Armstrong Interactive can be found here. Applications for Spring ’12 will be accepted on a rolling basis until the class is full.
  • Clients: To speak with AIMS about being a client for an upcoming semester, please contact Prof. Glenn Platt, Co-Director of AIMS at