AIMS Installs New Virtual Reality Display System

Over spring break, installers from EON Reality, Inc. were on campus to install a 4-walled, reconfigurable EON Icube.  The Icube is a CAVE-type display, in which 3D stereoscopic images are projected onto multiple walls and sometimes the floor and ceiling. The AIMS system includes projections onto 3 walls (front / left / right) and the floor.  The reconfigurable Icube allows AIMS to use this display as a traditional CAVE-like booth, or to fold out the left and right walls into a concave display or even a 30-foot-long flat 3D surface.  Stereoscopic shutter glasses and full optical motion tracking within the CAVE allow for a truly impressive immersive 3D experience.

The AIMS CAVE was installed in the second floor of Laws Hall on Miami’s Oxford campus.  Laws Hall is currently wrapping up the first stage of renovations, and will soon house the Library for Science, Business, Engineering, and Psychology. The AIMS CAVE will be part of the Smale Interactive Visualization Center and will complement existing 3D visualization facilities in Farmer School of Business, the Psychology Building, King Library, and Miami University‘s HIVE (Huge Immersive Virtual Environment), which uses untethered head-mounted-displays and is one of the world’s largest virtual reality installations of its kind.


The EON Icube under construction in Laws Hall


Schematic Drawing of an EON Icube



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